"I love my photographer Anna Kirschner. I still remember the first day we met and I knew as soon as we crossed path that meeting you was destined. We have captured some very beautiful images that I wouldn't have imagined! I am very very thankful and grateful to have you in my life, even though short (praying for longer) but you are an angel and your light has made my life, dreams and aspirations so bright and I'm not even sure how I can ever repay you but for now I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your humble beautiful spirit and your amazing gift. God bless you." Aquetta
"Usually, I have always disliked getting my photographs taken from professionals, but with Anna, she really knew how to get me comfortable from the very beginning of the shoot to the point where I was having fun almost immediately! She really knew how to capture my true self and make it look wonderful every step of the way of the shoot. The results of all of my photos just make me feel words that are indescribable. No amount of money would ever be enough for what she captured and how she made me feel with her beautiful pictures. Thanks Anna, you rock!"
"My friend Golnar was shy about this experience and it was my treat that we went. From the first instance by the door we felt welcomed and started having fun. We laughed and tried clothes and as we got more and more relaxed our photos became better. We had one together which is the best photo I ever had because it captured all that we have shared together <3 Thank you for capturing the emotion so well!"
"I had my pre-wedding fine art bridal shoot with Anna yesterday, and I was amazed by her professionalism! She is a sweet person who takes care of the people she photographs. She directs very well and knows what she wants to create, the results are absolutely gorgeous. A truly talented and professional photographer. Highly recommended!“
"After a disastrous photo shot a couple of years ago with another studio, I was looking for a photo shot that made me look glamorous but I still looked like myself and not a completely different person. Anna and her team smashed the target: the studio has amazing light and a very relaxing atmosphere where it is easy to feel at home; the make-up artist knew how to get the best of out of me while respecting my preferences (I ended up looking like an actress!!); the studio wardrobe is just fantastic: glamorous outfits suited for everyone and Anna just did a great job finding the best poses and making me feel so comfortable the photos looks natural and classy. If you are looking for a studio to get photos where you look as relaxed as at home and as glamorous as on the red carpet, this is your place."
"Let's be honest, we are all a bit sceptic when we read nice testimonials. So when I read all the nice comments about Kirschner Studios on Facebook and their website, I wasn't an exception. But as soon as I passed Anna's door, I felt at ease, I forgot my fear to be in front of camera, and I had a fabulous time. Sarah and Anna, made me feel like they had all the time in the world for me, I would recommend the experience to anyone who needs professional shots, or just want to treat themselves. You don't want to take my words for it? Book an appointment...And enjoy!"
"Thank you so much for yesterday! I was initially very anxious and very soon I felt so comfortable and happy. The makeup and clothes choices were amazing and I was thrilled with the finished pictures - you certainly brought out my best! Will definitely use you again! Best Wishes"
"I loved the shooting, it was a birthday gift of my husband and I loved it. It was a new experience, I had never done anything like this before and I arrived to the studio with no idea what kind of pictures I wanted and even the type of dress. I really enjoyed Bianca’s and Anna’s work. They were very careful on the doing the makeup and hair to keep me looking natural. They made sure that I was happy and comfortable with every aspect of my look from my dress, makeup, hair and jewellery. During the shooting Anna explained in a very easy and comfortable way how to pose and gave me useful instructions that made me look much better on the pictures. She really has the right skills and talent for her work. I love the pictures. I definitely recommend Anna’s work."
"I had a great time during my maternity photo shoot with Anna. She is not only a very talented photographer but also made me feel so relaxed in front of the camera, I could not believe how many nice pictures we got after a few hours of shooting. I booked the dream girl package which “only” includes 2 retouched pictures. First I was skeptical, but honestly, there is no need for a ton of retouched pictures. Make up artist Sarah applied just the right amount of make up and I was very pleased with the result. Then Anna set up the room and her camera and all I needed to do was follow her instructions! I cannot wait to see them again to take pictures of my boyfriend and me with our little girl!"
"Such a good experience I had at Kirschner Studios. Completely loved the photoshoot even though I had no previous experience working in front of the camera, but Anna made it possible. She was absolutely amazing, professional and helped me a lot to feel confident. Definitely coming back. Thank you so much. x "
"I had been thinking about having a photoshoot for quite some time. Whilst looking at various deals and offers online, I kept thinking - what if the makeup is not right and I end up looking hideous; what if there are hidden charges that they will only tell me about at the very end; what if I do not look nearly as good as people in pictures on their websites? You know, the usual process of overthinking. Then one day I came across Kirschner Studios' page on Facebook, and it just felt right. Lovely website; clear description of each photoshoot package; a vast portfolio, including the 'before and after' pictures. Reality, however, exceeded my every expectation. Let's put it that way - Anna is a fairy godmother with a camera. Her studio is nice and cosy. Bianca, who did my makeup, is a fantastic artist, open to suggestions and wiling to make changes, if the need arises (in my case, it did not, because the look she had chosen for me was perfect). The pictures were stunning. Working with Anna and Bianca was an absolute pleasure. Every girl, regardless of age and professional background, likes playing dress up. A photoshoot at Kirschner Studios is an unforgettable pampering experience, that each and every one of us deserves once in a while. It is fun and guaranteed to give you a great confidence boost. So when I am 87, surrounded by grandchildren, and my neck is all wrinkled, I will still have these beautiful pictures. It is a very satisfying feeling. "
"Thank you Anna and Sarah, I love the pictures and was a wonderful experience. My picture in lingerie is my favourite and it looks like one of these pictures for VOGUE signed by Annie Leibovitz!!!"
"I had the amazing opportunity to work with Anna ( still can't believe it). We started with some polaroid make up free shots, which I needed for my portfolio and then we did some fashion related ones, for which she chose the outfits and I loved all of them. It did not take her long to figure out which one was my best angle and she directed me in the best way, helping me a lot with my poses, but also leaving space to my ideas. Anna knows what she's doing and you can tell she's got years of experience in photography; she has on her mind the shot she wants and is able to get it straight away. She is also a fun person you can have a chat with on set :) I was impressed from how well she worked with the light, also being quick, efficient and brilliant at the same time. I had all my photos in the end of the day and I was so happy as I could finally recognise myself in all of them and they are definitely going to give a boost to my portfolio. She has definitely got talent and cannot wait to see what she will do next, hopefully I will have a chance to work with her again in future. Yes, I would recommend Kirschner Studios to anyone :)"
"Anna is a great photographer and very professional. When I arrived at her studio I was immediately offered a drink and snacks were ready on the table! I had a great time shooting with her. She's a lovely person and knows exactly what she wants - she gives excellent direction. I'm really happy with the results, I look forward to working with her again!"
"My husband treated me to Anna's "Forever Young" package for Valentine's Day as I had been feeling frazzled from looking after our two young boys. I wanted to look glamorous, if only for a short time! From the moment I walked in, Anna and her team made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. They had a beautiful range of outfits to choose from and made sure that I was happy with every aspect of my "look" from the jewellery, to my makeup and hair. During the photography session, Anna made me feel completely at ease and positioned me perfectly to capture the best poses. The photos are amazing and I am so happy with the results. I had a great time and would highly recommend a visit to her studio given the opportunity!"
"Such a talented photographer and what a lovely team!!! Highly recommend."
"I had such a wonderful maternity photo session in the Kirschner Studios. While the make up artist applied my gorgeous make up and my amazing hair styling was done we chat with Anna and got to know each other a bit more so by the time I stood in front of the camera I was totally relaxed. Anna is extremely easygoing and friendly. The best part of the shooting was to see her big smile behind the camera. It helped me smile effortlessly and natural, no painful fake smiles. I love my smile on the pictures: it is real and shows that I am having fun. We absolutaly adore the pictures, they are so beautiful! I can’t wait to have my daughter photographed by Anna!"
“Anna, the photographer was already waiting for me. She opened the door in a kind and cheerful manner that made my pre-shoot excitement vanish right away. As soon as I arrived a most peculiar sensation came over me, and I suddenly realised that I always wanted to get to know this, and to see what happens when a makeup artist, a stylist and – of course – Anna, the photographer all start to work on me. I got a lovely makeup and my hair was finely done in the style of the dress chosen for the occasion.  Earlier I could never have imagined something like that for myself. Accented eyes, marked pink lipstick, vivid pink dress. I would never have thought that this could suit me well! It was something extraordinary and daring - completely leaving my comfort zone. I really fancied looking almost like a “Glamour Girl”! :)
And then Anna’s professional attitude came into sight! She encouraged me, and showed all those gestures and movements. I was beginning to enjoy it...more and more…In that moment of time I noticed that I could only hear the clicking of the camera, the world stopped for a while…I only had Anna and the camera around me…
The pictures were perfectly taken! I was proud and satisfied at the same time. And then came the realisation: “OMG, is that really me?!” I stared with open mouth... me like a girl from the Cosmopolitan, no retouching, no mannerism…what has not changed, the usual smile ;)“
"Highly recommended. Anna and the team work hard to put you at ease and produce lovely photos. The pricing structure is very clear with no hidden extras."
"I am so happy that I finally worked with Anna! I definitely learnt a lot from these photo shoots! Anna is great she knows exactly what she wants from a fashion photo shoot, she works very professional and fast, captures the right pose in seconds! We had fun choosing outfits and the photos could be on a front cover magazine! Can't wait to shoot again!”
"I’ve always wanted to see how i would look with a glamorous makeover like many others, but never really had the chance. As if by coincidence i found Anna on the Facebook ads. I decided to look into it and it definitely wasn’t a mistake. I had so much fun and also tried some new tea that i was offered. The girls were lovely and created a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere. I was nervous but they put me at ease so i felt very comfortable in front of the camera. The pictures turned out stunning and i’m thinking that i need to buy ginger tea now as it was actually delicious. It’s so worth it and enjoyable. Thank you girls."
"Over the past two years I had been focusing strongly on my health and wellbeing, with a big effort in the gym to transform my body. On approaching my birthday this year I felt that it was time to celebrate all my achievements to date and the changes that I had made. I happened to be on Facebook when an ad for Anna's studio came up. In comparison to my previous experience of a makeover and a photoshoot, the prices seemed extremely reasonable and so I decided to go for it. It was more than worth it. I have to say it was the best experience I've had. The service that the ladies provide at Kirschner Studios is truly personal in every sense of the word. The ladies give you undivided attention and make you feel completely at ease. Anna's enthusiasm settles any nerves you may have and it is easy to relax into naturally happy and confident photos. I'm so pleased with the resulting photographs which do more than justice to the 2 years of hard work transforming my figure. Thank you ladies!"
"The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly while shooting and doing make up. The outcome of my bridal shoot was amazing with very high quality pictures and the Anna was very professional and helpful! The retouched pictures look amazing! Many thanks for your great work! :)"
"I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and her wonderful make-up artist at my session. I had always wanted to do something like this so I took the plunge and I am so glad I did. The 1-2-1 attention you receieve is fantastic, with your wardrobe and shoe selection pre-selected for you to choose from. Having your hair and make-up done makes you feel like a celebrity. The shoot went really quickly and Anna made me feel so comfortable, especially if you are a bit nervous and shy like I was. My pictures are fantastic, it's like looking at someone else! Thank you for a great day. Xx"
"I've had a pleasure being photographed by Anna on two occasions. She has such a great personality and also friendly, calm and positive approach. She made me feel good about myself which left smile on my face for the rest of the day! I really love her work, the images are always beautiful and I am 100% satisfied. Anna is professional in every way.”
"What a fabulous experience to be spoilt with professional hair and makeup makeover. I felt at ease as soon as I arrived and am extremely happy with the results. Thanks ladies!"
“I had lots of apprehensions but to complete surprise I was immediately at ease when I met you and your team. You have a knack to rest the anxious mind which translates into wonderful chemistry and the output is absolutely stunning. Your ability to catch the pulse of the subject is a testimony of years of experience. You make every woman look and feel beautiful. I would remember this for life ‘There are no ugly women, only lazy ones’ (Helena Rubinstein) Good luck and hope to see you soon!”
"Every decade I look for a good photographer for a photo shoot. This year, I am turning 40 so I did not want only a good photographer for this big milestone, I needed the best photographer one could find. I chose Kirschner Studios because the shoot includes a make up and hair styling. To me a great photographer is one who can capture an expression, an attitude, a moment to tell your story. Anna has all the skills and talent of a great photographer. She was absolutely brilliant. I felt really at ease and looking back at each photo makes me realise that she was able to bring out the best in me through my portraits. For anyone who would like a special present for a special birthday I can highly recommend Anna Kirschner. A great way to boost anyone's self esteem."
"I had booked the photoshoot because I wanted to celebrate getting back to my healthy self again after a battle in hospital for 10 months last year. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect but when I arrived everyone was ever so welcoming and it made me feel at ease. It was important for me because I don't like being in front of the camera, much prefer being behind it taking the photos. Loved the whole experience, I was made to feel like a model. Who would have thought that I went from feeling like I couldn't do it to actually enjoying the experience so much. Anna made that possible, loved the choices made for my make up and hairstyles as well as outfits. I learnt from the whole experience from how many different ways I can style my hair not to forget the make up looks. I got to say amazing shoe collection Anna had, there is nothing like the perfect pair of shoes to match the perfect outfit. I certainly recommend Kirschner Studios to anyone that wishes to have a photo shoot, it has the perfect atmosphere and environment to bring out the best in anyone.”
"My wedding photoshoot with Anna was really fun experience! Anna and her make up artist Bia were warm and friendly. They put me at ease with any concerns I had on my Big Day. I learnt to be more aware of my posture and facial expressions. By the end of our couples' shoot I felt I can appreciate the lengths that producing a good photo takes. Thank you so much!"
"I have been planning to have a photoshoot for a while and was thankful when a suggestion came up on Facebook for Kirschner Studios. I chose the Icon of Style package and it was the right choice for me as I had the opportunity to try on different outfits and play with different themes. I also really enjoyed the make-up and hair styling aspect which made me feel like a real fashion model. Anna's studio is centrally located and has a nice setting where you feel completely relaxed. Anna's team was fantastic in terms of organizational details - for example I got my pictures on USB right away at the end of the photoshoot. I am now enjoying my pictures and thinking about possibly having another photoshoot in a few months' time."
“I loved the shooting, it was much better than I thought before. I really enjoyed how Anna made it easy to pose and how she explained what to do in front of the camera that makes you look much better on the pictures. As you gain confidence while you are getting on with the pictures, they get better and better and because Anna takes plenty of them, you really see the difference. It’s amazing, I love the pictures. I will definitely recommend Anna to my friends. From zero to ten, 10!”
"Anna was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional while making me feel comfortable at the same time. I loved the turn out of the photos and she got them to me quickly. I would definitely use her again!"
"Thank you Anna so much for the wonderful pictures you took of me. I can't tell you how pleased I am. All my friends and family have commented on how amazing the pictures are. You made me feel at ease and that shows in the pictures. Will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family."
"The first impression when I arrived and met Anna and her team was warm and welcoming. I felt so comfortable throughout the whole photo session. Anna has got an eye for what works and what doesn't. It always ended up in a perfect photo. I loved the choice of the wardrobe - there is something for every taste and she styles perfectly. Would always go back and thanks for these amazing photos. Thanks Bianca Osmondi for the make-up & hair - great teamwork!"
"I found Anna through a Facebook suggested post and thought "why not a treat to myself for my 40th birthday". I just wanted to keep a photographic memorabilia of how good/confident and happy I felt at 40. I came to Anna with a few ideas and an open mind. Anna and Sarah (hair and make up) made me feel comfortable right away and after chatting about the photo shoot I had in mind, we picked the best outfits for it. I ended up using my own 3 dresses and gave carte blanche to Sarah for a 60s makeup and hair look. The shoot was so effortless, Anna guided me through it with ease and patience. I felt comfortable even doing the "lingerie/artistic nude" shots. Time flew by so quick! And the end result was truly amazing. The photos show the real me and are artistically of premium quality. I left the studio with plenty of nice pictures to choose from on a usb stick and a big smile on my face. Book a package and enjoy the moment. You won't regret it I promise."
"Thank you, Anna and Sarah, for such an amazing photo shoot! Enjoyed my time with you both, had great fun and love my photos! Most definitely will be back with my family and friends."
"Usually, I have always disliked getting my photographs taken but this was a very different experience! Anna was very professional while making me feel comfortable at the same time so it was fun and truly enjoyable afternoon. Sarah was looking after my make up and hair style and she was amazing as well. I enjoyed every minute of my time there from start to finish. All I can say is thank you both for making me feel like a superstar! BTW The pictures turned out amazing! :-)"
"Such a fantastic experience! I have always been shy in front of the camera and I have never thought that I could look like a professional model but Anna is is a such a talented photographer and has made the magic! I have enjoyed the afternoon playing with different styles by changing hair, make up and dresses and the fact that the team was so professional and friendly have made my experience much more enjoyable."
"Thank you girls one more time. I had the most wonderful time with you, the customer service is amazing 100%. You girls are so professional, friendly and helpful. The best birthday present ever :) You made my day! :)"
"Anna is a very enthusiastic and creative photographer with plenty of energy. Not only did I enjoy myself while shooting but it was also a learning experience. She will work with you to ensure that the final product is nothing short of her clients desires."
"For our upcoming wedding, we were informed that having an engagement / prenuptial photoshoot was a must. So we looked it up, and most photos we found about it seemed quite serious or practically impossible, it wasn't us to say the least. We were quite nervous to do it. But shooting the photos, Anna made it all seem chilled and fun. We spent the time walking around a gorgeous English town with it's beautiful countryside, and just having fun. It didn't feel imposing at all, and she made sure to ask us for our inputs and opinions, which made it seem that much better. The photos came out beautifully, our friends said we both looked so relaxed and enjoying ourselves, and that it reflected our personality. Definitely doing a photoshoot with her again."
Rachelle and George
“I really enjoyed the way we were made up and then posing for the camera. I thought I would be a lot more intimidated in front of the camera but I didn’t feel that at all. The photographer helped me with what to do, where to look and how to pose so that I wasn’t uncomfortable. I love the pictures, they are really good.”
"The Kirschner team is welcoming and create a warm atmosphere which helps relaxing and the entire experience good fun. They help choosing clothes, accessories, shoes and guide you through a for most people unfamiliar process without ever making you feel left out. However, I found their suggestions always to the point and the outcome was amazing. The make-up and hair were wonderfully made so I decided to keep it on for the rest of the day. From the people I have shown the photographs so far I have only heard the highest compliments."
“I loved the shooting, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the outfits and getting my hair done. I had no clue what was going to happen because I have never done anything similar to this. Anna was very comfortable to be around, nice to chat to and she gave me instructions that helped to look better on the photos. It was a lot of fun. I love the pictures, they are really pretty.”
“I really enjoyed the shooting, it was fun. It was a new experience, I have never done anything like it before and I had no idea about what I was going to do. I get really self-conscious in front of the camera but I didn’t have that at all. I got a lot of instructions on what to do because at first when you start doing it, you are very unsure about what to do but then I was given the ability to do what I wanted myself. The pictures are beautiful, I didn’t realize you could take pictures that pretty of me.” Paula

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